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Casa Law provides comprehensive representation to
contractors, owners, businesses and other entities operating
across the construction industry. We are actively involved from
initial planning to financing and building completion.
Once a construction project surfaces, we work directly with our
clients to ensure safeguards are put into place to address
potential risks and exposures. We focus on making certain that
the legal documents include specific provisions and conditions
relating to project timing, payment and billing, lien rights, and
all other critical matters.

When construction is complete and we are representing the
contractor, we will take proactive measures to make sure our
client is paid in a timely manner. When representing the real
estate owner, we will carefully review the project to ensure our
client has received everything promised before releasing final

Unfortunately, despite the strongest protections, there are
times legal disputes will surface. If legal disputes arise, we work

to make sure  issues are resolved as quick as possible. 

  • Construction Contract Disputes

  • Construction Defect

  • Non-Payment/Short Payment

  • Delay Damages

  • Mechanic Liens

  • Surety/Bond Disputes

  • Development Disputes

  • Construction Completion

  • Warranty Issues

  • Public Contract Disputes

Construction Law
Practice Areas Include:

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